Model and guidelines for community parks in Montana

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Business


1). STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM- The purpose of this research paper is to provide guidelines and a model for developing communities parks in Montana. 2). PROCEDURE or METHOD- The researcher used Hylite Heights sub-division in Gallatin County to develop a model, for the communities to use when attempting to implement their own parks. A survey was sent to residents at Hylite Heights and used as an example to design the model. Resources used to identify legal, funding and other issues include, the Library at Montana State University-Bozeman, the Internet, statutory codes of Montana, codes of Gallatin, Yellowstone. Cascade, and Flathead counties, and interviews with several professional persons. 3). SURVEY RESULTS- The sample survey showed a majority of the residents wanted a park and which features they wanted in that park. While some people cited noise, extra traffic, and trash problems as reasons not to have the park, a vast majority of those living on the streets facing the park (and those most likely to be affected) favored the park. 4). THE MODEL- Using research results and the survey, the researcher provides a step-by-step model for other communities to use, as a how to guide, for use in making decisions in developing their own parks.




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