Present and proposed business curricula in the vo-tech institutions of Montana

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Professional Schools


The problem in this study was the lack of available data in the area of vocational business curriculum to form a plan for future updating and new innovations in our business programs in our state's Vo-Tech Institutions. We also need to establish a set of guideline standards for each business course being offered in our state's Vo-Tech Institutions. The need for such standards has been stated by Miss Janet Hughes, State Supervisor of Business Education, and her planned seminar at M.S.U. summer quarter 1970, to discuss this very issue and to formulate these much needed results. The major reason for conducting this study of the Vo-Tech Institutions was to determine the business programs being offered at present and future plans by vo-tech directors to initiate needed innovations in their Business Vocational Programs.




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