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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Nursing


Health care providers have always focused on the well being of their patients; the issue of spirituality adds another dimension to this focus. The use of spirituality in the health care visit directs this project Although interest in spirituality has waxed and waned, references to it exist throughout history. Spirituality is mentioned in Greek times, with the druids, in Christianity, by Viktor Frankl, and by Florence Nightingale. Although difficult to define, a review of literature reveals that connectedness, meaning and purpose, God or God-like being, and transcendence are all commonly accepted components of spirituality In addition to addressing the question of what spirituality is, answers to the following questions are provided: when spirituality should be used, who should use it, why it should be used, and how it can be used in the health care visit. Betty Neuman provided the conceptual framework that was used in gathering and presenting this information. The goal of this project was to increase providers’ knowledge about spirituality and how to utilize it in the patient care setting. A CE program was offered that was developed in various phases that included a literature review, preparation of the CE program, application for CE credits, environmental arrangement, delivery of the program, and final evaluation. Material was presented with the Powerpoint format in 21/2 hours. Following this, three guest speakers spent the next 1 1/2 hours discussing how they have been affected by spirituality with their various health care needs. They also gave ways that the health care providers they encountered influenced their spirituality in positive ways. While attendance was limited, the providers that attended the program indicated that they received valuable and practical information about the use of spirituality in health care. Health care providers can add to their professional growth by staying abreast of research in the area of spirituality. While some providers may feel reluctant to raise spiritual issues with their patients, others will revel in the newfound freedom in discussing a relevant, yet often intangible, element of health care with their patients.




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