Multiple intelligences : the effects of using activities that incorporate multiple intelligences in a college anatomy and physiology class on student understanding of concepts

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Montana State University - Bozeman, Graduate School


The students in Anatomy and Physiology II at Dawson Community College in Glendive, Montana are exposed to a lot of information in a short amount of time. The goal of this research was to see if there was an impact of incorporating multiple intelligences on student learning. Data was collected from pretests, posttests, delayed tests, surveys, written interviews, journaling, and colleague observations to determine if there was an effect on student understanding, long-term memory, attitude and motivation as well as teacher attitude and motivation. The results indicated that there was no effect between the non-treatment and treatment units on student learning, however there was an effect on long-term memory. Students and instructor evidence showed an effect on attitude and motivation throughout the research study.




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