A descriptive study of 4-H adult volunteers' perceptions of distance learning

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Agriculture


Like many other states Montana 4-H is experiencing reduced participation in types of face-to-face volunteer learning experiences. To continue to provide a high-quality program to both youth members and volunteer leaders without putting burden on MSU Extension field faculty, distance learning has been identified as a possible solution to this phenomenon. MSU Extension agents indicated during 2018 focus groups that distance learning is a viable and exciting delivery method for some types of 4-H learning experiences, however further investigation of user perceptions is necessary before we proceed as a system. By using quantitative descriptive research methodology, this study identifies the perceptions and needs of the prospective adult volunteer user in order for 4-H professionals to adequately assess and design the integration of distance learning methods with 4-H learning experiences, specifically for volunteer training. This study is aimed at considering the possibilities of distance learning and bringing them together with the ideas and opinions of the individuals who have an important stake in program delivery.




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