Rebirth and regeneration a personal myth

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


My work is derived from a personal mythology, focusing on how myth determines human values. Most myths act as social commentary: a type of oral and written tradition which imparts a methodology of making life traditions. My role as artist functions somewhat as commentator and critic. The personal commentary I address ranges from male/female issues to social issues. The sources of information that I use for my work vary; being inspired by nature, and provoked by personal, political, and social actions. What I do is describe a network of relationships among forms; organic, architectural, and figurative, attempting to reveal the connection between form and issue. The work deals with the ideas of life and balance; life on the edge, and life in harmony. Working within this emotionally charged context with the theme of rebirth and regeneration, certain images have emerged. These forms are rooted in my past and project symbolic meaning. Houseforms are indicative of home and homeland, and sticks, stones, eggs, and whirling tops are the basic building blocks of youthful imagination exploring nature. Architectural elements are symbolic of culture, knowledge, and societal concerns. In unison with the figure, these elements make a somewhat cryptic and enigmatic attempt at narrative; creating truths or events that will hopefully transcend their personal revelation into the mystery of my place within the larger world.




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