Follow-up study of students enrolled in adult evening classes at Bozeman Vocational-Technical School, 1968-1970 with implications for curriculum planning

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Professional Schools


To determine if the adult education program at the Bozeman Vocational-Technical School is meeting the needs of the enrollees and what changes, if any, need to be developed in the adult office skills courses, the writer has undertaken a three-year follow-up study of those students enrolled in adult typing, shorthand, and/or business machines during the years 1968-1970. The purpose of this follow-up study of students previously enrolled in the office skills courses in adult education classes was threefold. 1. To determine the worth while values the students received by enrolling in adult typing, shorthand, and/or business machines. 2. To learn the number of those seeking secretarial positions who actually received employment. 3. To use the results of the questionnaires in planning a more meaningful adult program in the office skills area.




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