A central business district community center for Livingston, Montana

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


James Barker states in his book 'Small Town as an Art Object' that "for a long time it has been said that a small town is a good place to be from, but now for the first time the serious question is being raised as to whether or not the small town might not be a good place to go." In fact, the population polls done in 1980 have indicated that "for the first time in our nation's history more people are moving away from cities and their established suburbs than are moving to them." The first purpose of this thesis is to define who is migrating to small towns and why they are migrating. Secondly, I plan to deal with Livingston, Montana and how it, as a small town, could benefit from this population shift. And thirdly, I will propose a facility which will adapt this agrarian focused community to the needs and demands of its current and future population.




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