Is There a Difference in Agility Performance When Preceded by Static Versus Dynamic Stretching?

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Montana State University Billings


Background: Agility or a rapid change in direction is an important characteristic of team sports. It is well known that many coaches and athletic trainers make their athletes stretch before a game and practice. Some coaches practice static stretching while others practice dynamic stretching in their warmup. Theoretically static stretching may hinder agility performance by changes in the parallel elastic component impairing the force to the line of action and reducing fiber rotation during contraction. On the other hand, dynamic stretching involves controlled active movements that take a joint or muscle through its full range of motion. Therefore, the foundation for agility performance lies on its ability to activate and prepare the muscles and nervous system for the specific movements involved in agility tasks. Purpose: The purpose of this study is to test the analyze the claim that dynamic stretching is more beneficial than static stretching when completed prior to in agility performance. Methods: This research involves the participation of ten healthy college-aged volunteers from Montana State University of Billings. The study comprises two distinct groups: Only one group that is counterbalanced. This is a counterbalanced design with a pre-test and posttest of agility where all participants complete the different protocols including acting as their own controls. Participants will engage in the foot fire setting, aiming to maximize the number of steps on the quick board machine. Additionally, all groups will undergo a stability reaction setting, resembling a step dance machine, on the quick board to evaluate reaction time and athletic agility. The agility test is only 10 seconds long. The experiment will utilize the quick board agility test to assess agility scores, and each group will be subjected to this test to determine the most effective stretching techniques for enhancing agility performance.


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