Surgency: a holistic model

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Letters & Science


Previous examinations of the temperamental trait surgency have largely focused on single facets of the global construct rather than attempting to identify how- or if- individual facets truly converge to comprise a global trait. The current project tested a holistic model of surgency based on temperament theory (Rothbart & Derryberry, 1981) that used a multi-trait multimethod approach to integrate multiple domains of regulation and reacitivity. Four models were tested that included measures of physiological regulation, behavioral regulation, emotion regulation, and parent-reported temperament. A single model emerged that accounted for biological, behavioral, affective, and parent-reported, domains of surgency in 3.5 year old children. This model comprised high levels of positive affect, fidgeting, impulsivity, and RSA suppression loading onto a single latent factor of high surgency. This work contributes to the temperament literature by providing initial evidence for a holistic composite of surgency during early childhood that is consistent with classic temperament definitions of surgency.




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