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I approached producing Silence as a challenge to put myself in the position to coordinate the execution of an ambitious period piece -- one far removed from Montana history and landscape. This involved a number of difficult pre-production tasks, which included extensive location scouting by myself and writer/director Wyatt Maw, casting professional actors that fit the director’s vision, and filling a crew roster with fellow students and local artists -- all to create a small, yet historically rooted tale of violence and sacrifice set in Revolutionary France. This project was made possible through the generous USP grant, which assisted in the costs associated with shooting on location out of town, constructing an elaborate production design, and working with professional actors -- in a sense a full on exercise in real-world film production outside of the small MSU environment. Thanks to the preparation and resources the grant allowed and the generous help of the film department, the shoot went successfully and smoothly. The finished product is a culmination of the hard work and dedication put forth by every person listed in the credits. And I personally learned the importance of diligence, preparation, and resourcefulness that goes into making a successful production.


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