EDEC 385 COVID-19 Time Capsule


When MSU moved to remote learning after spring break, I asked students in my EDEC385 Early Childhood Curriculum course to create a time capsule by choosing one word to describe how they were feeling. Students responded with a range of emotions, including excited, uncertain, calm, anxious, content and unbalanced. The word cloud on the book cover captured those words.In an online discussion, students wrote about how they were feeling and also uploaded a photo to capture their life in that moment. I wanted students to share their words, photos, and feelings to create a forum to understand and support one another.Flash forward to the end of the semester: for their final project, intended to document and showcase their semester-long field experience working with young children in classroom contexts, students designed a remote learning lesson using their time capsule word or photo. Some students opted to choose a new word, one that expressed a more positive outlook reflective of their changed perspective about their experience with COVID-19. This book contains a selection of the words, photos, and lessons students contributed to our EDEC385 Spring 2020 Time Capsule. Please enjoy!


This is a course assignment collected as part of the MSU COVID-19 Special Collection in response to the pandemic of 2020.




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