Evaluation of Winter Wheat Variety Performance in Off-Station Trials Near Moccasin, Denton, Fort Benton, Moore, and Winifred (2002)

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Central Agricultural Research Center


This report evaluates agronomic performance of winter wheat varieties in environments and cropping methods representative of the southern triangle and Central Montana. Winter wheat trials on recrop were established at Moccasin, Denton, Fort Benton and Moore and on fallow at Moccasin and Winifred. Due to severe and variable soil burial in mid-April of 2002, the Winifred trial was abandoned. Three plots were harvested at this site to get an indication of yield potential. These plots produced over 40 bushels per acre, providing a positive mark for using no-till chemical fallow. 2002 winter wheat growing conditions were sufficiently varied to provide a good year for evaluating agronomic characters. Conditions were not so extreme as to diminish the value of the results. The main factor missing was winter stress. The good performance of several numbered lines indicate the potential for improved varieties in the near future.



Agronomy, Plant sciences


Berg, J.E., Bruckner, P.L., Philips, D., Sharp, G.L., Vavrovsky, J., Wargo, J., Wichman, D.M. 2002. Evaluation of winter wheat variety performance in off-station trials near Moccasin, Denton, Fort Benton, Moore, and Winifred. Moccasin, Mt.: Central Agricultural Research Center.
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