Going Grey

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In the photographic project entitled Going Grey, I explored the reasonings behind a women's choice to stop dying their hair. A minority of aging women have set an example for aging women of today by being proud of what they have, by letting their hair be as natural as it can be, grey hair and all. I photographed in and around Bozeman, Montana. Each woman I photographed ranged from the ages of 27 to almost 70. The interview process involved questions about opinions on aging, and advice for younger women and their decision on why they have left their hair grey. The camera I used was a 4X5 view camera. I developed many relationships with strangers through this editorial project; I gained a strong understanding and confidence from the women I’ve met. I wish to explore different areas of the United States to expand and gain further knowledge. This research gave me the opportunity for woman of all ages to take notice and to promote natural aging, and to be confidant in who they are.


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