Parliamentary Perceptions: Constituency impressions of allowance allocation

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Montana State Univeristy


This research aims to understand the relationship between Members of Parliament and their constituents. Using Richard Fenno’s theory of home styles as a foundation for the study, we looked for a significant relationship between how a Member of Parliament allocates his or her resources in order to build a specific home style and if that home style is being perceived by the constituents. The home style that was focused on in this study was the constituent servant. Previous research has shown that by visiting the district, spending time on casework, and meeting with constituents, a perception is built among constituents that their representative works for the constituents and embodies their beliefs and values (Fenno 1978; Cain, Ferejohn, and Fiorina 1987). The Independent Parliamentary Authority and the 2015 British Election Study were utilized to understand the expenditures of Members of Parliament and the perceptions of constituents have of their members. We specifically focus on the costs associated with holding surgeries and the positive relation with the reputation of being a constituent servant.




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