Holistic Management of Textile Odor Using Novel Silver-Polymeric Complexes


Odor poses a growing concern in clothing and apparel applications due to laundering limitations at managing odor-causing microorganisms. Herein, a novel silver-polymer complex was applied to textile materials and studied using quantitative antimicrobial assays, gas chromatography techniques, and odor panel sensory tests to ascertain odor control function and effectiveness. A known chemical odor pathway involving leucine conversion to isovaleric acid was studied and found to be disrupted in silver-treated fabrics. Furthermore, its odor absorption function was confirmed with up to 90% retention of select thiol and fatty acid odors at body temperature in a model odor bouquet. Lastly, human sensory studies were used to support laboratory odor measurements using seven-day wear trials and milk odor generation techniques after 50 launderings.




Frattarelli, Dave, Lisa Powers, Deepack Doshi, Kevin Vargo, Bhavin Patel, Jennifer Liboon, Michelle Gallagher, et al. “Holistic Management of Textile Odor Using Novel Silver-Polymeric Complexes.” AATCC Journal of Research 5, no. 4 (July 1, 2018): 7–16. doi:10.14504/ajr.5.4.2.
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