Respiratory viruses: New frontiers—a Keystone Symposia report

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Respiratory viruses are a common cause of morbidity and mortality around the world. Viruses like influenza, RSV, and most recently SARS-CoV-2 can rapidly spread through a population, causing acute infection and, in vulnerable populations, severe or chronic disease. Developing effective treatment and prevention strategies often becomes a race against ever-evolving viruses that develop resistance, leaving therapy efficacy either short-lived or relevant for specific viral strains. On June 29 to July 2, 2022, researchers met for the Keystone symposium “Respiratory Viruses: New Frontiers.” Researchers presented new insights into viral biology and virus–host interactions to understand the mechanisms of disease and identify novel treatment and prevention approaches that are effective, durable, and broad.


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adaptive immunity, COVID-19, influenza virus, innate immunity, respiratory virus, RSV


Cable, J., Sun, J., Cheon, I. S., Vaughan, A. E., Castro, I. A., Stein, S. R., López, C. B., Gostic, K. M., Openshaw, P. J. M., Ellebedy, A. H., Wack, A., Hutchinson, E., Thomas, M. M., Langlois, R. A., Lingwood, D., Baker, S. F., Folkins, M., Foxman, E. F., Ward, A. B., … Eddens, T. (2023). Respiratory viruses: New frontiers—a Keystone Symposia report. Ann NY Acad Sci., 1522, 60–73.
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