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In the photography project entitled, Down this River, I investigated the local watershed and rivers of western Massachusetts. The rivers have a large impact on me personally as I am an avid whitewater kayaker and outdoor enthusiast. For the past seven years I have been frequenting the Deerfield River in western Massachusetts to enjoy the challenging rapids, great atmosphere, and most importantly, the people. The men and women that travel to come paddle this local river are a breed of their own. The river provides many with a much-needed escape from the humid workweek of the city. Everyone (both locals and visitors) comes together to enjoy the beauty of this natural adventure park. No matter how many years it has been, I still see the same people every time I make my excursion to the river. My photographs are meant to be a visual document that will provide a historical record of the local watershed with the intention of showing and the positive and negative effects of humans on the environment.


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