A study on the effects of a phenomenon on achievement and student science attitudes

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Letters & Science


There has been a large push in science education to incorporate the use of scientific phenomena into the unit and lesson plans. How the use of these phenomena impact student learning and science attitudes has not been studied as closely. This study measured how using a phenomenon while teaching science impacted student learning. In addition, how students' attitudes about science changed. This study also measured the impact on minority students was also measured both compared to the nontreatment group and compared to the treatment group as a whole. Students were alternated between phenomenon-based instruction and traditional instruction. This study used 3 Dimensional Assessments including claim evidence and reasonings and open-ended questions to measure student learning. Science attitudes were studied using Barry Fisher's Test of Science Related Attitudes and student interviews. The results showed a small increase in student achievement for all students during the treatment phase with a more pronounced increase for minority students. Science attitudes regarding interest and enjoyment of science and leisure and career interest in science saw increasing among the treatment group.




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