McNair Research Journal, 2011

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Camilla Armijo-Grover “Is Selectivity the Best Method for Aid Allocation” Mentor: Christiana Stoddard, Ph.D. Deb Blanchard “Unmasking the Superhero: Analyzing Junot Diaz’s The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao as “Multicultural Hybridity” Literature” Mentor: Bridget Kevane, Ph.D. Dewey Brooke “Analysis of phospholipase activity in adeno-associated virus particles by liquid chromatography/mass-spectrometry”Mentor: Brian Bothner, Ph.D. Kelsey Guffey “Foraging Ecology of Bison in a Mixed Grassland-Steep Ecosystem” Mentor: Clayton Marlow, Ph.D. Treacy Gumeson “Toward a Holistic Model of Managing Symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Montana Veterans” Mentor: Lawrence Gross, Ph.D. Eric Hansen “Analysis of Non-Motorized Use In Grand Teton National Park 2010” Mentor: Pat McGowen, Ph.D. Jacob Hunter “Moments in Time” Mentor: Chris Livingston, M.Arch. II Jordan Kennedy “Rheological Characterization of Thermally Reversible Gels” Mentor: Jennifer Brown, Ph.D. Dustin Kuipers “Cosmology of Incarceration: American Indians in Prison” Mentor: Walter Fleming, Ph.D. Megan Malone “ Water, the Essence of Survival and the Symbol of Oppression: Gender Inequalities Collide with Development” Mentor: Leah Schmalzbauer Zachary Morris “X-Ray CT Scanning Techniques on Soil Samples” Mentor: Robert Mokwa, Ph.D. Shelby Rogala “Establishing an International Voluntouring Ethic” Mentor: Kristen Intemann, Ph.D. Jocee Stirling “The Impact of Management Intensive Grazing” Mentor: Chuck Coffey, Ph.D., Clayton Marlow, Ph.D. Francisco Velasco “Asymmetrical Conflict: Sleep Deprivation as a Precursor to PTSD Among Veterans” Mentor: Michelle Meade, Ph.D.



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