Functional pottery

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


My pottery contains harmony which arises out of contradiction. The pieces do not appear to be traditionally functional, yet they are. The surface is both rigid and soft. The apparent heaviness of the forms is different from the actual weight. These contradictions create a pottery which is intriguing and is not understood at first glance. An initial visual impression of my sake’ bottle contradicts common ideas of a functional pot. If something feels good or works well, it may change one’s idea of the pot; consequently, these pots are to be explored with fingers. The eye and mind accept limited standards of function and nonfunction, while touch is accountable only to itself. A cup that can be held in one hand can be explored three-dimensionally through touch as well as through sight. The viewer using both touch and sight will gain a more complete understanding of my pot’s complex planes and surfaces.




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