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Montana State Univeristy


For writers, collecting, organizing and securing one’s work can be challenging. There are, of course, tools that writers can use that are already readily available, but these tools rarely meet all the needs of a writer and are never tailor-made to a writer’s specific needs. To address this shortcoming, I created a system that could handle all of the various tasks needed in order to better organize and secure a writer’s work. The system can be divided into three sections; an online file storage and database server, a web based text editor, and a note-taking android application. The server’s operating system is Ubuntu and hosts a database that organizes notes by date, genre, type (ex. Lines, morals, themes, etc.), and whether they are associated with an ongoing project or are independent. The server also hosts a website that contains a text editor for editing documents hosted on the server. The editor only has a few functions (bold, italics, plus others) as implementing a text editor to the standard of Microsoft Word, for example, is not necessary in the context of this project. The android application is designed to take notes and quickly organize them into the appropriate folder or database. Possible future improvements to the system might include adding several additional servers to host all the data on a cloud network, as well as integrating a remote command system that will be able to accept and then execute certain commands.




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