Adhesion of biofilms to inert surfaces: a molecular level approach directed at the marine environments


Protein/ligand interactions involved in mediating adhesion between microorganisms and biological surfaces have been well‐characterized in some cases (e.g. pathogen/host interactions). The strategies microorganisms employ for attachment to inert surfaces have not been so clearly elucidated. An experimental approach is presented which addresses the issues from the point of view of molecular interactions occurring at the interface.




Baty, A.M., B. Frolund, G.G. Geesey, S. Langille, E.J. Quintero, P.A. Suci, and R.M. Weiner, “Adhesion of Biofilms to Inert Surfaces: A Molecular Level Approach Directed at the Marine Environment,” Biofouling, 10(1-3):111-121 (1996).
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