Towards Trustworthy Vehicular Social Network

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Wireless vehicular networks offer the promise of connectivity to vehicles that could provide a myriad of safety-and driving-enhancing services to drivers and passengers. With wireless technology available on each car, it is expected that huge amounts of information will be exchanged between vehicles or between vehicles and roadside infrastructure. Due to defective sensors, software viruses, or even malicious intent, legitimate vehicles might inject untrustworthy information into the network. Besides relying on the public key infrastructure (PKI), this article proposes a social network approach to study trustworthy information sharing in a vehicular network. We first cover recent research progress in measuring direct trust and modeling in direct trust in online social networks then discuss how to apply them to vehicular social networks despite several pressing research challenges.



Vehicular social network, Direct trust, Indirect trust, Trustworthy information sharing


Q. Yang and H. Wang. "Towards Trustworthy Vehicular Social Networks", IEEE Communication Magazine, June, 2015, Volume: 53, Issue: 8 pp. 42-47.
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