The history of federal aid to Montana education

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Education


The purpose of this study was to bring together fragmentary information on the impact of federal monies on Montana education. The writer examined federal and state education department records arising in the way of administration and business, dealing with federal education aid. Chronicles, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets and federal laws has been reviewed. The following conclusions seem warranted from examination and analysis of data collected in this historical study: 1. Federal support was offered to Montana schools in 1864. However, the primary impact of federal aid to Montana education was felt with the passage of the Smith-Hughes Act in 1917. 2. Federal educational spending has had an impact on Montana public education although federal policy toward education has been influenced by factors other than educational ones, such as land settlement, national welfare and national defense. 3. Federal aid has been governed by dictates from Washington, D.C. 4. Federal funds in lieu of tax payments have not been sufficient to cover the additional cost of educating the children of federally dependent families. 5. Montana education can expect federal aid and controls in the future, as witnessed by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965.




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