Haskap maturity stages and their influence on postharvest berry quality

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Canadian Science Publishing


Limited information is available regarding haskap berry maturity and corresponding postharvest characteristics. We assessed detached berry quality, respiration rate, and ethylene production at five stages of maturity and compared postharvest storage influence on berries harvested at half-blue and softening stages. Ethylene’s increase at successive stages suggests its involvement with berry maturation, but concomitant respiration does not support classifying haskap ripening as climacteric. Results indicate harvesting at the less mature half-blue stage is not recommended, as berries had lower fresh weight and inferior quality relative to those harvested at the softening stage, both at harvest and following 14 d storage.



haskap, postharvest physiology, postharvest quality


Leisso, R., Jarrett, B., Richter, R., & Miller, Z. (2022). Haskap maturity stages and their influence on postharvest berry quality. Canadian Journal of Plant Science, 1-6.
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