ParaNets: A parallel network architecture for challenged networks

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Networks characterized by challenges, such as intermittent connectivity, network heterogeneity, and large delays, are called “challenged networks”. We propose a novel network architecture for challenged networks dubbed Parallel Networks, or, ParaNets. The vision behind ParaNets is to have challenged network protocols operate over multiple heterogenous networks, simultaneously available, through one or more devices. We present the ParaNets architecture and discuss its short-term challenges and long-term implications. We also argue, based on current research trends and the ParaNets architecture, for the evolution of the conventional protocol stack to a more flexible cross-layered protocol tree. To demonstrate the potential impact of ParaNets, we use Delay Tolerant Mobile Networks (DTMNs) as a representative challenged network over which we evaluate ParaNets. Our ultimate goal in this paper is to open the way for further work in challenged networks using ParaNets as the underlying architecture.



Computer Science


Khaled A. Harras, Mike P. Wittie, Kevin C. Almeroth, Elizabeth M. Belding, "ParaNets: A parallel network architecture for challenged networks," in IEEE Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications (HotMobile), March 2007.
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