An optical microsensor to measure fluorescent light intensity in biofilms


We have developed an optical microsensor to quantify fluorescent light intensity distribution in biofilms. The optical system consisted of a beam splitter, light couplers, filters and a spectrophotometer able to accept the fiberoptic cable to measure fluorescent light intensity. The emitted light, fluorescence from the biofilm, was collected at the tip of the optical microsensor and was transferred to a spectrophotometer via a fiberoptic cable. The total fluorescent light intensity was evaluated from the emission spectrum by numerical integration. The newly developed fiberoptic microsensor was tested using a Staphylococcus aureus strain producing yellow fluorescent protein (YFP) grown as biofilm. We used a 405-nm violet laser diode for excitation, and measured the emission intensity between 480 nm and 540 nm. The optical microsensor that quantifies fluorescent light intensity is a promising tool in biofilm research which often requires detection and quantification of fluorescent light intensity distribution generated by various fluorescent proteins.




Beyenal H, Yakymyshyn C, Hyungnak J, Davis CC, Lewandowski Z, "An optical microsensor to measure fluorescent light intensity in biofilms," J Microbiol Methods, 2004 58(3):367-374
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