Historical uses of natural resources : transference of knowledge in the Crow Indian environment

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Education, Health & Human Development


This study is about the historical uses of natural resources by the Crow Indians; how they knew what was useful to their survival and how that knowledge was transferred to the next generation. The author tried to identify those resources which were historically used in order to preserve the information as well as resources still in use so they could be protected. He concludes that though it's usually unwise to return to past ways of life, it is possible to learn from the past. Preservation, protection, and perpetuation of the old practices should be a priority. Documenting this information makes it available to others and ensures that the knowledge won't be lost.
The author used the historical practice of storytelling for transferring knowledge; learning from the Apsaalooke elders about the relevant material they were familiar with. He explains all the aspects of using this method in detail. Also includes the author's personal experience of getting a Crow name.




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