A survey of seniors in the town of Bow Island, Alberta, Canada, to determine the programming needs for the Senior Citizens Center

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Business


The major purpose of this study was to assess the current programming needs for the Senior citizens Center in Bow Island, Alberta. To collect the data for the study a questionnaire was sent to seniors selected at random from the senior citizen membership list in Bow Island. Out of 80 questionnaires sent, 60 were returned for a 75% response rate. The findings of the study showed that the seniors of Bow Island are extremely agile and are interested in learning new skills that require above average to rigorous exercise. They are interested in participatory activities, and would like some instruction on basic activities, or someone to organize events that would involve group participation. They are willing to pay for educational programs or instruction, and would prefer discussion groups and group projects as their means of receiving this information. The majority would drive themselves to this educational activity and the minority would walk. Few seniors have specials skills they would be willing to share with others.




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