Factors Influencing Adult Full Day Ski Ticket Prices in the U.S.

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Skiing is a popular past time, not only in Montana, but all across the U.S. However, the ski resorts differ widely in their ticket prices and characteristics they offer. The main objective of my research is to identify factors that influence the price of adult ski tickets at resorts across the U.S. My study will be based off of a large sample of ski resorts found via the website skicentral.com which list the 325 ski resorts in the United States. Analysis of this data will be performed using a multiple step regression model. Research will be executed to discover the relationship between adult ticket prices and factors that affect the quality of ski resorts. A model will include the following independent variables: ski area, the number of ski trails, and the number of different types of lifts, age of the ski area, annual snow fall, vertical rise of the resort, number of trails, number of lifts, percent of high-speed chair lifts and gondolas, and presence of a terrain park. Additionally, the impact of the population of the nearest town and the proximity to other ski areas as measure of the competition will be examined. Analysis of these variables will show their effect on lift ticket prices. Other variables will include: if the resort has base lodging, a terrain park, ski lessons, race programs, and rentals. Some ski areas have a dual resort option and the effect of this variable on the ticket price will be examined.


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