A Survey on Smart Agent-Based Microgrids for Resilient/Self-Healing Grids

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This paper presents an overview of our body of work on the application of smart control techniques for the control and management of microgrids (MGs). The main focus here is on the application of distributed multi-agent system (MAS) theory in multi-objective (MO) power management of MGs to find the Pareto-front of the MO power management problem. In addition, the paper presents the application of Nash bargaining solution (NBS) and the MAS theory to directly obtain the NBS on the Pareto-front. The paper also discusses the progress reported on the above issues from the literature. We also present a MG-based power system architecture for enhancing the resilience and self-healing of the system.




Dehghanpour, Kaveh, Christopher Colson, and Hashem Nehrir. “A Survey on Smart Agent-Based Microgrids for Resilient/Self-Healing Grids.” Energies 10, no. 5 (May 3, 2017): 620. doi:10.3390/en10050620
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