The Business of Art

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It has become interesting to me to see paintings and other works of art in a professional setting, whether it is a restaurant, office, or some other work place not used specifically for displaying art. I have often wondered what the process is for displaying work in such a setting. Can an artist, such as myself, work with a business to both accommodate their needs for a specific aesthetic that they have built into their workplace and maintain the artist’s integrity of work? The thought has often crossed my mind that I could easily create an image that would be pleasing to a number of businesses, but in creating this work I would be completely abandoning my own personal style. My proposed solution to this problem is that I work with a business in town to develop a series of creative works that can successfully contribute to said business while maintaining my personal flair. I believe that many artists succumb to the pressure of professional success and sacrifice their creativity to sell work. My hope for this project is to show that I can retain my identity while still being commercially viable.


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