Parent Perspectives on Opportunities for Healthy Physical Activity and Recreation for Young Children in Bozeman

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Research has shown that for young children, 0-5 years old, physical activity plays a vital role in brain development and mastery of motor skills. We also know that making physical activity a regular part of life in the early years indicates better health later in life. In Bozeman, opportunities for young children to be physically active both indoors and outdoors exist. From a public health perspective, the fact that these opportunities exist means little without the context of what parents know about the opportunities, and about the importance of physical activity in their young child. This project examines (1) young children's physical activity needs, (2) existing resources for meeting these needs within Bozeman, and (3) parent perspectives of these resources. By looking at these components together, we can better assess how our community is serving this population. This project utilizes data collected by the City of Bozeman Recreation Department regarding opportunities for physical activity for children as well as qualitative data regarding parent perspectives collected by the Early Childhood Community Council of the Gallatin area. The final product of this research is a community guide to the existing opportunities for physical recreation in Bozeman, specific to families with young children.


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