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    HVC 270 Energy Efficient-Technologies and Renewable Energy
    (2023) Bilo, Susan
    Energy-efficient HVAC and water heating systems powered by renewable energy are growing requirements for high-performance buildings. Students will use sustainability’s pillars: economics, environment, and society, to explore advanced technologies, applications, and associated benefits and challenges to prepare for competitive future leadership.
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    Intermediate Signed Languages 220D
    (2024-01) Zupan, Linda
    Text for Intermediate Sign 220D. Sign Language II is designed for signers to enhance conversational expressive and receptive sign skills, to further develop fluidity, gestural expression and to expand vocabulary gleaned in Sign I to better communicate with Deaf, hard-of-hearing and non-verbal individuals. Signers will explore basic grammatical differences between American Sign Language (ASL), Signing Exact English (SEE) and Contact Signing aka Pidgin Signed English (PSE). Students will continue to develop an appreciation of Deaf Culture while further examining issues affecting the deaf and the history and evolution of signed languages through exploration of Deaf literature.
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    Introduction to Signed Languages
    (Montana State University, 2023-08) Zupan, Linda
    Introduction to Sign Languages is designed for beginners to communicate with deaf, hard of hearing and non-verbal individuals and develop an appreciation of the Deaf Culture while understanding the history of signed languages and issues affecting the deaf. Section 1: Course Expectations, Resources & More Section 2: Assignments, Assessments & Signed Presentations Section 3: Assigned ReadingSection 4: Learning to Sign Section 5: American Sign Language (ASL) Section 6: Fingerspelling Section 7: Signing Section 8: Bibliography
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