Scientists and Librarians create an Environmental Toxicology Data Repository

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Dusseldorf University Press


This paper proposes the development of an environmental toxicology data repository for the Wasatch Front, the major metropolitan area in the state of Utah. This repository, developed by scientists and librarians, will address gaps in national-level repositories that cannot take into account unique local issues caused by geography, industry, military installations, and population. The repository will enable local clinicians and academic researchers to collect data, describe it using a standard metadata schema, preserve it for the future, and make it accessible through common search engines.


This paper was presented at the "Science and the Internet" conference at the Heinrich Heine University Dusseldorf, Germany in July 2012 and subsequently published as a chapter in a book titled "Science and the Internet" published by the Dusseldorf University Press.


Environmental toxicology, public health, data repositories, institutional repositories


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