Inclusivity with a Little Bit of STEAM: A blueprint for a five-day camp for children of all abilities featuring activities from the NASA AEROKATS and ROVER Education Network

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MSU Science Math Resource Center


This document was created in Fall 2020 by Montana State University students Sierra Fisher-Dykman and Bryce Lingle as a plan for a five-day summer camp for students of all abilities. This guidebook features five days’ worth of lessons covering STEAM (STEM + the Arts), creativity, health enhancement and physical activity along with modifications for students of various abilities as well as both indoor and outdoor variations. Each lesson plan includes an introduction for students, content areas covered, objectives, equipment needed, timeline and suggested reflections. The guidebook also includes a suggested permission slip for parents as well as feedback from student participants on some of the equipment and activities. Lesson plans are based on the activities of the NASA AEROKATS and ROVER Education Network as well as other NASA-related themes, and this work was done in partnership with the MSU Science Math Resource Center. For information on NASA AREN, visit




Fisher-Dykman, S., & Lingle, B. (2020). Inclusivity with a Little Bit of STEAM [Camp Blueprint].
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