Leader Succession and Collective Efficacy: Conditions that Create Continuity in Transition

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The purpose of this study was to understand whether or not changes in the collective efficacy of a school occurred with transition to new principal leadership. Teachers’ perceptions about collective efficacy changes as well as the reasons for change were examined in terms of how new leaders’ behaviors shaped school culture and collective efficacy. The significance of the study will help inform principal preparation programs about how to ready new leaders to successfully assume leadership roles in schools in order to promote collective efficacy and student achievement. The study may also inform central office personnel and school superintendents of the necessity for mentoring of new leaders as well as understanding the school level structures, policies and processes that will help ensure smooth, effective transitions during leader succession.




Versland, T., Quintana, E., & Malloy, J. (2014). Leader succession and collective efficacy: Conditions that create continuity in transition. The Researcher, 26(1), 3-7.
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