A new terrestrial trace fossil Feoichnus martini n. isp. from the Upper Cretaceous Two Medicine Formation (USA)

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A new trace fossil, Feoichnus martini new ichnospecies, from the Two Medicine Formation is here described. This ichnotaxon is reported from the upper Campanian deposits of the Egg Mountain locality (Montana) and consists of a hemispherical to hemiellipsoidal structure with a truncated upper edge, and a regular, rounded lower edge marked by a lined border composed of stained layers. The trace maker likely impregnated the border using organic fluids. The simple lined wall observed in F. martini n. isp. suggests that the structure was produced by an invertebrate soil-dwelling organism, likely an insect. Specimens are preserved as casts in calcitic Inseptisols alongside an abundant vertebrate fossil record composed by dinosaurian and nondinosaurian fossil remains, dinosaur eggs and nest structures, and pervasive insect bioturbation. Feoichnus martini n. isp. represents an additional, minor component of the impoverished Celliforma ichnofacies reported at Egg Mountain and expands the paleogeographical distribution of the ichnogenus Feoichnus Krause et al., 2008 to the Upper Cretaceous deposits of Montana, USA.




Panascí, Giulio, and David J. Varricchio. “A New Terrestrial Trace Fossil Feoichnus Martini N. Isp. from the Upper Cretaceous Two Medicine Formation (USA).” Journal of Paleontology 94, no. 5 (May 13, 2020): 922–930. doi:10.1017/jpa.2020.26.
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