Oat Variety Evaluation in Re-Crop Trials at Moccasin (2000)


This report evaluates the agronomic performance of oat varieties under no-till recrop conditions at Moccasin. The 2000 no-till recrop oat trial was seeded into barley stubble. Soil moisture was fair to good for seeding in the spring. The surface soil was almost mud due to the shade and shelter provided by the standing stubble and chaff. The no-till recrop yields were slightly reduced due to the low precipitation levels during the 2000 crop year. The combination of good vegetation control and the water conservation provided with no-till provided for good yields in a dry year.



Agronomy, Plant sciences


Berg, J.E., Blake, T., Bruckner, P.L., Hensleigh, P.F., Lanning, S.P., Philips, D., Sharp, G.L., Talbert, L.E., Vavrovsky, J., Wargo, J., Wichman, D.M. 2000. Oat variety evaluation in re-crop trials at Moccasin. Moccasin, Mt.: Central Agricultural Research Center.
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