Base-Catalyzed Phenol-Mannich Condensation of Preformed Cesium Iminodiacetate. The Direct Synthesis of Calcein Blue AM and Related Acyloxymethyl Esters

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A rapid and highly practical one-flask procedure for the positionally selective preparation of (acyloxy)methyl N-(2-hydroxybenzyl)iminodiacetate and related diesters from iminodiacetic acid and phenols is described. The key to this multicomponent phenol-Mannich condensation resides in the use of cesium iminodiacetate as the reaction partner. This protocol has been applied in an unusually direct synthesis of the intracellular fluorescent dye Calcein blue AM, for which scant experimental and spectroscopic data are presently available.


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base-catalyzed, cesium iminodiacetate, calcien blue AM, acyloxymethyl esters


Logan D. Mikesell and Tom Livinghouse The Journal of Organic Chemistry 2023 88 (16), 12064-12068 DOI: 10.1021/acs.joc.3c00155
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