Geographical Planning COVID-19 GPHY 365


Write a response to two topics (sign up in class). Reflect on a particular aspect of a reading of your choice that assigned for that day. Write a response reflection about the reading. Your fictional audience is the general public. Be explicit about which part of the reading you are responding to and take a position on the reading – do you agree, disagree, somewhat agree and why. Then. find a real-world example of what was discussed in the reading (photo/ map/ website/ video/ planning document/ ordinance/ podcast/ news report/ song). Discuss this example and why it relates to the reading. Insert or provide a link to the example in the response paper (and cite your sources). I will use examples you give me in class (and I may ask you to talk about your example).


This is a course assignment collected as part of the MSU COVID-19 Special Collection in response to the pandemic of 2020.




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