The Long‑Term Role of Undergraduate Experiences: Predicting Intellectual and Civic Outcomes


Scholars and the public alike have questioned the benefits of obtaining an undergraduate education. Although research has extensively examined short-term outcomes associated with college experiences, relatively few studies have investigated non-economic outcomes beyond graduation. This paper explored the link between college experiences and post-college outcomes among 21,716 bachelor’s degree recipients from 68 private institutions. Although some variation across demographics was observed, good teaching, academic challenge, and diversity experiences were consistently—and often strongly—related to alumni’s perceptions of intellectual and civic growth.


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Post-college outcomes, Academic experiences, Diversity experiences, College alumni, Gender, Race


Bowman, N.A., Wolniak, G.C., Seifert, T.A. et al. The Long-Term Role of Undergraduate Experiences: Predicting Intellectual and Civic Outcomes. Res High Educ (2022).
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