Developing an agenda for research about policies to improve access to healthy foods in rural communities: a concept mapping study

dc.contributor.authorJohnson, Donna B.
dc.contributor.authorQuinn, Emilee
dc.contributor.authorSitaker, Marilyn
dc.contributor.authorAmmerman, Alice
dc.contributor.authorByker Shanks, Carmen
dc.contributor.authorDean, Wesley
dc.contributor.authorFleischhacker, Sheila
dc.contributor.authorKolodinsky, Jane
dc.contributor.authorPinard, Courtney A.
dc.contributor.authorPitts, Stephanie B. Jilcott
dc.contributor.authorSharkey, Joseph
dc.description.abstractBackground: Policies that improve access to healthy, affordable foods may improve population health and reduce health disparities. In the United States most food access policy research focuses on urban communities even though residents of rural communities face disproportionately higher risk for nutrition-related chronic diseases compared to residents of urban communities. The purpose of this study was to (1) identify the factors associated with access to healthy, affordable food in rural communities in the United States; and (2) prioritize a meaningful and feasible rural food policy research agenda. Methods: This study was conducted by the Rural Food Access Workgroup (RFAWG), a workgroup facilitated by the Nutrition and Obesity Policy Research and Evaluation Network. A national sample of academic and non-academic researchers, public health and cooperative extension practitioners, and other experts who focus on rural food access and economic development was invited to complete a concept mapping process that included brainstorming the factors that are associated with rural food access, sorting and organizing the factors into similar domains, and rating the importance of policies and research to address these factors. As a last step, RFAWG members convened to interpret the data and establish research recommendations. Results: Seventy-five participants in the brainstorming exercise represented the following sectors: non-extension research (n = 27), non-extension program administration (n = 18), “other” (n = 14), policy advocacy (n = 10), and cooperative extension service (n = 6). The brainstorming exercise generated 90 distinct statements about factors associated with rural food access in the United States; these were sorted into 5 clusters. Go Zones were established for the factors that were rated highly as both a priority policy target and a priority for research. The highest ranked policy and research priorities include strategies designed to build economic viability in rural communities, improve access to federal food and nutrition assistance programs, improve food retail systems, and increase the personal food production capacity of rural residents. Respondents also prioritized the development of valid and reliable research methodologies to measure variables associated with rural food access. Conclusions: This collaborative, trans-disciplinary, participatory process, created a map to guide and prioritize research about polices to improve healthy, affordable food access in rural communities.en_US
dc.identifier.citationJohnson, Donna B, Emilee Quinn, Marilyn Sitaker, Alice Ammerman, Carmen Byker, Wesley Dean, Sheila Fleischhacker, et al. "Developing an Agenda for Research About Policies to Improve Access to Healthy Foods in Rural Communities: a Concept Mapping Study." BMC Public Health 14, no. 1 (2014): 592. doi:10.1186/1471-2458-14-592.en_US
dc.subjectPublic policyen_US
dc.subjectFood scienceen_US
dc.titleDeveloping an agenda for research about policies to improve access to healthy foods in rural communities: a concept mapping studyen_US
mus.citation.journaltitleBMC Public Healthen_US
mus.contributor.orcidByker Shanks, Carmen|0000-0002-9030-9938en_US
mus.identifier.categoryHealth & Medical Sciencesen_US
mus.identifier.categorySocial Sciencesen_US
mus.relation.collegeCollege of Education, Health & Human Development
mus.relation.collegeEducation, Health & Human Developmenten_US
mus.relation.departmentHealth & Human Development.en_US
mus.relation.universityMontana State University - Bozemanen_US


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