Electronic Document Delivery: A Survey of the Landscape and Horizon

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The authors examine, based on a survey of users, the electronic document delivery methods currently in place as well as changes in the recent past and future developments. Interlibrary loan and document delivery staff were surveyed from institutions across the United States in order to ascertain what document delivery mechanisms are currently in place, how they are being used, and why. Findings from this study should lead to an increased awareness of electronic delivery options in libraries across the country and elucidate the dynamics involved at individual sites. This, in turn, will assist librarians in making decisions, based not only on their individual circumstances, but on the experience and trends found across a broad sampling of institutions.



Odyssey, Ariel, BScan ILL, Relais Express, RapidX, interlibrary loan, electronic document delivery, scanning


Hosburgh, N., & Okamoto, K. (2010). Electronic document delivery: A survey of the landscape and horizon. Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery & Electronic Reserve, 20(4), 233.
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