Registration of ‘Bobcat’ hard red winter wheat


‘Flathead’ (Reg. no. CV-1164, PI 693237) hard red winter (HRW) wheat (TriticumaestivumL.) was developed and released by the Montana Agricultural Experiment Station in 2019. Flathead was derived from a composite of two very closely related single crosses of the predominant cultivar ‘Yellowstone’ to stripe rust resistant source PI 640431, a hard white spring wheat backcross derivative ofWA007900 that carries stripe rust all-stage resistance genesYr5andYr15.Flat-head was developed using a modified bulk breeding method and selected as anF5:6head row after phenotypic selection for stripe rust resistance at Kalispell,MT. Flathead was tested under the experimental number MT1564 in Montana yield trials from 2015 to 2019. Flathead is a high-yielding HRW wheat cultivar with early maturity,short stature, medium grain protein concentration,excellent milling and baking quality,and a high level of all-stage resistance to predominant races of stripe rust. Flathead was released for its early maturity, improved stripe rust resistance,and improved grain yield relative to other Montana-adapted early heading cultivars.


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flathead hard red winter wheat


Berg JE, Stougaard RN,Kephart KD, et al. Registration of ‘Flathead’ hardred winter wheat.J. Plant Regist. 2020;14:418–423.
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