Intercity Bus Service Funding and Assessment Methodology

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The Federal Transit Administration (FTA)’s 5311(f) program requires that 15 percent of 5311 program funds given to a state be used to develop and support intercity bus (ICB) service. This 15 percent can be waived if the governor certifies that the ICB needs are being met within the state. This certification became harder to justify when FTA began requiring a more stringent consultation process before certification could be given. The objectives of this study are to learn about current practices of ICB service funding mechanisms, funds prioritization, and determination processes and strategies that promote ICB service. An assessment methodology for Montana was developed to determine whether ICB needs are being adequately met and how to allocate funds to support service. The results of this study will be valuable to other states considering developing methodologies for certification and funding allocation purposes.



bus service, funding and assessment, intercity bus service


Ye, Z., Kack, D., Chaudhari, J., & Ewan, L. (2012). Intercity bus service funding and assessment methodology. Journal of Public Transportation, 15(3), 7.
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