Job Stories: A Creative Tool for Library Service Design and Assessment

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A job story tells the tale of a user, a task to be completed, and the service used to accomplish that task. The job story can be a helpful design tool for understanding users and improving a service. This method draws from the traditions of agile design, user experience, and service design, and it is now beginning to enter the practice of library and information science. In this article, we introduce the job story for library practitioners. We begin by locating the job story within its wider context of service design tools. We then describe our own experience in creating a job story about a service in our library, including our motivations, process, and results. We conclude with steps for creating your own job story.




Moorman, T. and Young, S.W.H. (2022). "Job Stories: A Creative Tool for Library Service Design and Assessment". Journal of Creative Library Practice.
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