Twenty Years at Montana State College

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Montana State College


Provides a history of women's activities at Montana State College from 1910-1931. "In unfolding the awakening desires of our college women-desires which step by step, day by day, year by year, at last reached their fulfillment in increased numbers of women students, in carefully chosen vocations, and in effective organization she has, in a measure, painted a miniature of the whole woman's movement. Skillfully she has correlated woman's development at Montana State College with woman's development everywhere. The keynote of the woman's movement has been a desire for self-expression, an expression of self which would lead to real service to her fellowmen. It has been a golden thread which has wound in and out through every forward step in her advancement. The work of Dean Una B. Herrick at Montana State College merits the highest commendation. She has fulfilled a duty which she most sincerely and devotedly felt that she owed to the women students of Montana State College. She has laid broad and enduring foundations, which, however, altered and remodeled to suit changing conditions, will n ever crumble. The undergraduate women and the alumnae of Montana State College owe her the deepest gratitude."



History, Women's studies


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