Dielectric measurements of the proton-glass state in Rb0.65(NH4)0.35H2AsO4


Dielectric measurements of the Rb1−x/emph>(NH4)xH2AsO4 (x=0.35) mixed crystals in the a and c tetragonal directions in the temperature range from 3 to 300 K are reported. Below Tg a dielectric dispersion of ε’(T) and ε’’(T) in the applied frequency range from 1 Hz to 30 kHz was observed. A small anisotropy of the proton-glass transition temperature Tg was detected, but we did not find the large anisotropy reported by J. Kim, N. Kim, and K. Lee [J. Phys. C 21, L-663 (1988)].





Trybul/a, Z., V. H. Schmidt, John E. Drumheller, Di He, and Zhouning Li. “ Dielectric Measurements of the Proton-Glass State in Rb 0.65 ( NH 4 ) 0.35 H 2 AsO 4 .� Phys. Rev. B 40, no. 7 (September 1989): 5289–5291. doi:10.1103/physrevb.40.5289.
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